About “Who Will Kiss Us Goodnight?”

Phil E. Gumbo and his sister Penny lived a normal everyday life in a Louisiana bayou. When tragedy strikes they go live with their Grandma Rue. The first night Penny asks Phil who will tuck them in at night,who will read them their bedtime story, who will kiss them goodnight. Phil tells her Grandma Rue has to do that now.

Grandma Rue and Phil find they are having a little trouble adjusting to the new living arrangement. Phil decides Grandma Rue really doesn’t love them when she disciplines Cousins Okra and Stew but she let’s Phil and Penny off the hook. Find out how Phil learns Grandma Rue doesn’t tuck them in at night, read their bedtime stories or kiss them goodnight because she has to. She does it because she dearly loves them and wants to.

“Who Will Kiss Us Goodnight?”,  is a story I began writing when a co-worker lost her life as a victim of domestic violence. Every time I walked past the memory board I would ask myself,who will tuck her kids in at night? Who will read them their bedtime stories? Who would kiss them goodnight?  I began doing research on kinship care and found it interesting Louisiana ranks third in the U. S. for grandparents raising grandkids according to the 2010 U.S. census.

While the book is fiction many of the events are based on true life experiences. Clyde the catfish was actually a cat that ended up in a dresser drawer.

My hope for “Who Will Kiss Us Goodnight?”, is it becomes  a book that grandparents share with their grandkids and other kinship care families enjoy. You can order “Who Will Kiss Us Goodnight?” From http://www.amazon.com and don’t forget to leave a review.